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July 26, 2022

Mike Napolitano pt1 🧾 Now Is The Time To Look Ahead

Welcome back to the New Jersey Staffing Podcast as we welcome Citrin Cooperman Partner, Michael Napolitano to the show. He joins host Fred Amicucci to discuss mergers & acquisitions and maximizing the value of a business. 

Among the thought-leaders at Citrin Cooperman, Michael Napolitano, CPA, has over 25 years of experience and expertise in the staffing and employment industries. He provides counsel and assistance in budgeting and compensation restructuring. Additionally, he is the practice co-leader of Citrin Cooperman's Staffing Services Practice. As a result, he has a breadth of experience that goes well beyond tax returns and financial statements.

Citrin Cooperman

As co-leader of the Staffing Services practice at Citrin Cooperman, Mike Napolitano is able to assist businesses and individuals with the preparation of their tax returns and financial statements. He also has extensive knowledge of the staffing industry and works with various professional services firms.


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Michael Napolitano


Michael Napolitano is a partner with over 25 years of experience providing counsel and services in areas of profit enhancement, budgeting, planning, and compensation restructuring, helping clients to operate more efficiently.

As a practice co-leader of Citrin Cooperman’s Staffing Services Practice, Mike has a specialized focus in the staffing industry. He also has deep expertise in the construction industry, advising contractors, developers, and construction products manufacturers. Additionally, he advises clients in technology, health care, food services, manufacturing and distribution, and various professional services firms.

Michael provides a balance of deep industry knowledge and insight, extending his services beyond financial statements and tax returns to help clients understand the impact of their decisions, as well as plan for their future success.

As a partner in valuation advisory services practice, Michael provides fraud and forensic accounting counsel in the areas of business partner disputes, marital dispute resolutions, damage calculations, uncovering hidden revenue, and litigation support. Clients benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge, as well as his strategic approach, which combines identifying clear, concise objectives with efficient follow-through.

Michael frequently speaks and writes on issues related to the construction and staffing industries. He has presented at annual industry conferences held by the New Jersey Staffing Association.