NJ Staffing Podcast
July 27, 2022

Elaine Balady pt1 💻 COVID and Temporary Staffing

Welcome back to the NJ Staffing Podcast, brought to you by the New Jersey Staffing Alliance.  This week host Fred Amicucci welcomes Elaine Balady, of The Assurance Group.

This is a great discussion covering temporary staffing and how COVID has affected it across the board, including work-from-home. 🏠 

For over 35 years, Elaine Balady has been a valuable member of the Assurance Group. Originally hired as a Director of Business Services, she later worked her way up to become a Senior Partner in 2008. With her team, Elaine has built each division of the Assurance Group from the ground up. Today, Assurance Group includes three divisions: Contingency Staffing, Direct Hire, and Human Resources Consulting. Under her leadership, the company has grown significantly since 1985.

Assurance Group is a human resources consulting firm with three divisions: Direct Hire, Contingency Staffing, and Human Resources Consulting. The company has grown substantially since it was founded in 1985, and the Elaine Balady team has played a key role in this growth. The company has also developed a unique Customer Service Program that focuses on creating a positive experience for the employee and the client.

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Elaine Balady

CEO | The Assurance Group

Having joined the firm in 1985 as Director of Business Services, Elaine has held various positions with the Assurance group over the past thirty- five years culminating in a buy-out of the Senior Partner in February 2008.

Elaine and her team have organically grown and developed all three divisions of the company which includes Contingency Staffing, Direct Hire and Human Resources Consulting.

The organization has grown significantly since 1985, which is attributable to the unique Customer Service Program that Elaine spearheaded and developed and consistently implemented over the years.

The program she developed is based upon “Right Staffing” and goes to the heart of the clients increased need over the years to focus on efficiencies in productivity and their dependence upon their contingency personnel providers to partner with them to achieve these goals. The program requires intense visibility and constant interaction with her partners (clients) to achieve not only high levels of productivity throughout their organizations but to do so with low error ratios to improve upon their relationships with their clients.

These partnerships are developed by working with C-Suite participants who share vital information regarding the goals of their organization and allow the Assurance group Team to become “acting staff members” of the organization, participating in meetings on all levels designed to provide a true understanding of the day to day operations of the client, to have an in-depth knowledge of the plans and forecasts of the client company and to develop trusting relationships with all members of the clients team.

This program has allowed Assurance to develop long term relationships with clients and an ability to participate in and assist with their growth and development.

Elaine is a Past President of the New Jersey Staffing Alliance, a Member of Vistage International and a Board Member of Dimensional Merchandising Incorporated.