NJ Staffing Podcast
July 26, 2022

Bob Maiden pt1 🏛️ Staffing Mergers & Acquisitions

Welcome back to the NJ Staffing Podcast featuring guest Bob Maiden of Focus Investment Banking

In this series, he and host Fred Amicucci will discuss mergers & acquisitions, and maximizing the value of a business in the staffing industry. 📊

Focus Investment Bank is one of the most active investors in the market, focusing on transactions of $5 million to $200 million. The team works on both the buy and sell-side and has been a backer of four PE-backed platforms in 2020. This article explores the benefits of working with Focus Investment Bank. Also, learn about the team's unique background and how it has helped them build a successful career.

Before joining FOCUS, Mr. Maiden held various roles in corporate finance, human capital management, and public accounting. He started a human capital management M&A practice at Stony Hill Advisors, and also served as president of Westwood One, a radio network that went on to become one of the largest national radio networks. Abe Garver, Bob Maiden, and Robert Maiden serve on FOCUS' board of directors.



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Bob MaidenProfile Photo

Bob Maiden

Managing Director Focus Investment Banking

During his career, Bob Maiden has held senior roles in corporate finance, human capital management, and public accounting. He served as a partner at Stony Hill Advisors and co-founded the firm's Human Capital Management M&A practice.

Before joining the investment banking industry, Mr. Maiden helped found Maxwell Training Centers, which he transformed into a SaaS business model and eventually sold to inVentiv Health.